Five ways in which a blog will benefit your business

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A blog can benefit your business in many different ways. Here are a few of them:

  1. By creating a personality for your brand. The blog will give your brand a public face (or faces), bringing your brand to life and increasing its appeal.
  2. Because people prefer to do business with those they know and trust. Social media is all about dialogue, interaction and engagement. Readers will develop a rapport with you and your brand. The blog will encourage interest and increase trust in you, your products and your services.
  3. By attracting prospective customers. The blog will be keyword-rich and regularly updated. Others will link to it. As a result, it will become more prominent in search engine rankings for keywords and phrases – generating an increased volume of traffic from prospective customers.
  4. By positioning and promoting you as an authority in your field. The blog, with its sparkling prose and cogent observations, arguments and ideas, will sharpen your competitive edge by elevating your status as an industry expert.
  5. By promoting your products and services. The blog will be a relatively low-cost and effective way of promoting your products and services to prospective customers within a specified geographical area, or across the globe.

One final point: if you are considering a business blog, or if your web company has suggested the same, spend some time trawling the web. Look at the other blogs that have a foothold in your industry; check out your competitors’ websites, to see what they are offering. Don’t be surprised if you find that many of these sites feature dull, dusty old blog pages that were tacked on with the sole aim of boosting search engine rankings.

Don’t make this mistake. A blog that is interesting to read, edited to a high standard and full of fresh ideas and observations gives you an edge and is likely to be more effective at generating new business, because you can draw upon the SEO benefits and keep your readers and prospective customers coming back for more.

At Tinderbox Media our business blogging service is increasingly popular. In future posts I’ll be exploring each of the above points in greater detail, drawing upon experiences and real-life case studies. Subscribe to the Corporate Blogger RSS feed (bottom right) to receive all the latest updates.

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  1. Nick said on September 28th, 2009 at 11:12 am

    I’d add to this post that a blog is a great way of letting you engage with people in a far more relaxed way than many forms of marketing and communication – as Karyn demonstrates so ably on this very blog!

    Humour, off-point observations and just the odd random comment are all parts of a digital personality and blogs are a fanstastic way to engage people in a far more memorable way than traditional corporate marketing.

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